Xu Yang:Upgrade and Burst of We-Media

Domain club(domain.cn)January14 th. News
Yesterday, FengXiang 2016 upgrade and burst of we-media was host by WeiBoYi in Beijing.WeiBoYi’s founder Xu Yang attend the conference and made a speech on the subject upgrade and burst of we-media.
WeBoYi was set up in 2009 and raised 3.2 hundred million during the most recent round funding. It owned more than 6 hundred thousand we-media cooperation resources and 3 hundred thousand clients up to now. Xu Yang said ,the first advertising orders came from we-media barons with more than seven in ten and as well as the 40 percent of stars.
Intentional orders was offered with 7 hundred million yuan by weibiyi in 2015. among these, a we-media got a real income of 5.48 million. In 2015, weiboyi set two spurt. A enterprise made a cooperation with 7000 we- media.
Xu Yang announced that WeiBoYi will start formally the million club strategy and get a rapid development in 2016.
WeiBoYi attracted more than 1000 outstanding we-media to the FengXiang 2016 Upgrade and Burst of We-media conference for collision ,communication and investment…

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