Wow: buys .Buy for $4.6 million, .Tech sells for $6.8 million


1(1) According to the news from on September 16th, paid $4.6 million to win rights to .buy top level domain name, but that wasn’t the most expensive TLD auction on Wednesday.

You might think new top level domain names aren’t meeting early expectations, but applicants still apparently value the opportunity very high.

ICANN held its second “auction of last resort” for new top level domain names today. Three contention sets were resolved at multi-million dollar prices.

Here are the results:

.Tech sold for $6,760,000 to Dot Tech LLC. I’ve heard of some private contention set auctions closing for about this price, but I suspect this is a record or close to it. Three bidders bid at least $6.2 million in the auction. (I’ve heard it’s not a record, but definitely toward the high end.)

DotTech beat out Google, Uniregistry, Nu Dot Co, Donuts and Minds + Machines.

.Buy sold for $4,588,888 to

Amazon beat Google, Donuts and Famous Four Media in the auction. PVT Registry did not participate. Only two bidders bid above $1.5 million.

.VIP sold for $3,000,888 to publicly traded Minds + Machines.

It beat Google, VIP Registry, Minds + Machines, Donuts, I-Registry and Vipspace Enterprises LLC. Three bidders were willing to pay at least $2.2 million in the auction.

Unlike with private contention set auctions, the losers in these auctions walk away with nothing, other than a small refund on their application fee.

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