This Weeks “Black Friday” Domain Count: .Com 559; .Net 60; .Blackfriday 16


According to the news from on November 25th, a week from today actually marks the day know as “Black Friday” which is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States which traditionally is one of the busiest shopping days in the US.

Like much else in life when retailers got a good thing, they try to extend it and maximize it.

Now a full week before Black Friday, sites like is rolling out their Black Friday sales.

Amazon registered the domain name Amazon.Blackfriday back in the Sunrise period when .Blackfriday launched and now has activated the domain name as of today but it does forward to

I think its pretty fair to say if your are in the “Black Friday” marketing space, THIS is the time of the year for you.

I just ran a check on the last 7 days including today of domain names registered that contain the term “Black Friday”.

Verisign the registrar of the .Com and .Net registry has a live search tool where you can see how many domain names were registered in a certain time period which contain a certain word or series of words.

According to Verisign, as of publication, going back to  November 15th;  559 domain names ending in .com were registered that contains the term “blackfriday”.  During that same period, 60 .Net domain names that contain the term “blackfriday” got registered

In the same time period there were only 16 domain name registrations in the .blackfriday new gTLD extension according to, including just 3 yesterday (this search is not live and will be updated when the Zone files update tomorrow):

What does it all mean?

If a .net extension is getting more domain names registered with the term “Black Friday” when .blackfriday only get 16 in the same time frame I would just say these new G’s have a long way to go to gain the market share they are looking for

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