Survey: domain name registrars must focus on security and price

According to the news from Domain.cn1(1)on March 6th,domain name registrars must offer strong security and price to attract customers.

There are some questions I’ve asked on the Domain Name Wire Survey over the past ten years that have predictable answers year after year.

One of these is “Rank the importance of these items when choosing a domain registrar.”

Just about every year, security and price are the top two. That was the case again in 2015.

The weighted score for these two factors was essentially a statistical dead heat for the most important factor when selecting a domain name registrar.

The next two factors are also about the same — account management tools and customer service. However, account management tools received more #1 rank votes than customer service.

Here’s a complete ranking:

1. Security
1. Price
3. Account Management Tools
3. Customer Service
5. Easy of intra-registrar transfers
6. Availability of desired top level domains
7. Value added services
7. How they handle expired domains

This makes intuitive sense to me. I’m not going to touch a registrar with high prices, nor one that doesn’t offer two-factor authentication or that has a history of theft. After clearing these two hurdles, I’m going to walk away if I can’t figure out the user interface. Next, I’d be concerned if the customer service is weak.

70% of survey-takers said they keep at least 80% of their domains at a single registrar.

Domain name registrars that are doing well should not rest on their laurels. 44% said they are considering trying a new domain name registrar in 2015.

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