Sorry Google The .XYZ Registry is Not For Sale

TUESDAY,18 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on August 18th,, is reporting, despite some rumors in the domain space that the .XYZ registry is going to be bought by Google, after its purchase of, the CEO of the .XYZ registry said today its not for sale.

The CEO of the .XYZ registry Daniel Negari was quoted by Reuters that his company is not for sale.

“I believe I was put on the earth to do .xyz, and to bring it to the market.

“My work is nowhere near done”

Negari added the .XYZ registry has seen interest from large technology players amongst others.

XYZ also owns .college and .rent and an interest in .car, .cars and .auto and tells Reuters he is not interest in selling .XYZ to Google or anyone else.

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