Radix Does Record 532 Regs for EAP Day 5 in Just 45 minutes

MONDAY,24 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain.cn on August 24th,Radix announced that .Online, in just the first 45 minutes of Day 5 of its Early Access Program (EAP),  that allows people to register domain names for an extra fee ahead of General Availability (GA), they had 532 registrations.

We posted last week that .online is giving away a free .Online domain name to TheDomains.com,  reader that comes closest to the number of total number domain names after GA has been live for 24 hours.

Radix did 120 registrations from Day 1 to Day 4 of EAP.

I had been monitoring a few names for day 5 which if there was no premium attached cost $175. I had noticed VirtualReality.online day 5 EAP was not available after day 1 and was curious if someone would pay $650 to take it on day 4 EAP.

Another name I was looking at with interest in GA was FantasyFootball.online which was one of the 532 registered today, I was not willing to pay $175 but I would have taken it for a hand registration.


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