New TLDs find their religion: .Church wins the day


1(1)According to the news from on September 16th, .Church was the top TLD launch yesterday.

Going into yesterday, I bet that .guide would be Donuts’ top domain name launch of the week. It’s a fairly generic domain that works with a number of second level domains, similar to .tips (which now has 30,000 registrations).

I should have known that word travels fast in the religious community.

.Church was the top domain yesterday, gaining 3,409 registrations in the zone file to end with 4,044.

.Guide wasn’t too far behind. It got 2,895 to end with 3,386.

.Life, which also has a number of uses, picked up 1,783 to hit 2,106.

The financial domain .loans only garnered 418 registrations to reach 632.

Rightside launched its .republican domain. It had a slow start similar to .democrat. It grew by only 343 domains to 389.

Radix was supposed to launch .website, .press and .host yesterday. It delayed the launch until today.

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