Major League Baseball in Trademark Battle over the letter W

WEDSDAY,11 February 2015   THE DOMAINS
According to the news from Domain1(1)on February 11th,not sure what is going on over at the corporate offices of Major League Baseball, The Washington Post published an article on the trademark battle between Wallet Hub and MLB related to marks owned by both the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs. You might ask where is there a W in Chicago or Cubs ? After a victory the Cubs raise a flag with the letter W on it at Wrigley Field.

The logo seems generic enough. The letter W written in white, block type inside of a bright green box. It stands for WalletHub, a Web site run by District-based Evolution Finance where consumers can compare credit cards and find personal finance advice.

There are over 1000 marks registered for just the letter W according to the article. This battle has apparently been going on for two years. Major League Baseball is concerned that you will confuse Wallet Hub with the Washington Nationals and this could complicate things for customers and the businesses.

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