Integrity Construction of Internet Industry Forum

Domain club reported on Jan 27,2016
In order to further promote the integrity of the Internet industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users, establish the credibility of the brand of Chinese Internet industry, the Internet Society of China yesterday hosted the internet integrity construction of industry forum in Beijing. Internet business representative such as Baidu, Sohu, YJEE attend the meeting.

The meeting began at 2;00 in the afternoon. The host introduced the background and purpose of the meeting dedicated to President Xi Jinping speech of ISOC,proposing to promote the four principles of global Internet governance system and construction of the five point proposal on cyberspace community.
All enterprises made valuable suggestions in the conference on the topic of integrity construction of internet and introduced the achievement about integrity construction.
Zhang Kaihua, the chief producer of consumption proposals express strengthen communication with the internet society and will make more good tv show beneficial to the consumer.
At last, Wu Hong introduced the case of protection to consumer’s right and establishment of the brand’s credibility. This case draw the attention of the present enterprises.

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