Internet finance regulatory arbitrage is reducing

As the improvment of internet finance regulatory policy, the development of internet finance will be more health. In the past few days, zhongguancun internet finance research institute publish its Report of Internet Finance Competetiveness to Micro-finance on the 2016 zhongguancun internet finance forum &the 3rd PuHui finance forum. The report indicates that the internet finance policy was inicially complished, and the regulatory arbitrage is reducing.
The report predicted the trends of internet finance: the development will accelarate in depth; service entity economy will become the basic of its sustainable development; the policy will inicailly complished; regulatory arbitrage is reducing; the protection of customers’ rights will be the focus; more capitals will enter the field, etc…
At the same time, the combination of business bank and internet finance will accelerate in 2016. Liu yong, an officer of zhongguancun internet finance reaearch institute, said that the internet banks appeared since CBRC give bank licences to micro-bank and net-bank. Internet banks will get advantage by implementing participation strategy, inclusive channel strategy and low-cost operating model.

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