ICANN Best Estimate For New gTLD Renewal Rate 50%; 25% For Free Domains: 35% Worst Case

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain.cn on June 29th,in releasing its 2016 operating budget ICANN made some estimate for the purposes of budgeting revenue from new gTLD’s.

ICANN is saying its “Best” estimate is that the average renewal rate will be 50% for new gTLD’s except for TLD’s that provided free registrations where the renewal rate was estimated at 25%.

On The Low estimate the ICANN seems to be indicating a new gTLD renewal rate of 35% but does not break out the free registrations from paid registrations so that number should have contained a Low estimate of renewals of free domains which arguable should be 10%.

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