I Am New to ICANN – Now What?

As you begin your engagement with ICANN, keep in mind that everyone was a newcomer at one time. We have all had that same overwhelmed feeling when looking around the ICANN website or participating in an ICANN meeting for the first time, trying to understand the work of ICANN, the Multistakeholder model, and all of the pieces and parts that make up the ICANN community.

Our goal here is simple: to share some key areas of our website for you to explore and quickly link to in order to gain an understanding of ICANN’s mission, how our bottom-up, Multistakeholder model works, and how to participate within the ICANN community.

As you continue your journey, it may be helpful to have a glossary of terms to help you to better understand some of the words and concepts. Using Quizlet software you can research the various acronyms in multiple languages. Discover http://quizlet.com/ICANNLangs

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