Domain2016/01/resume publication have been published

Domain club reported on Jan 28,2016. Domain2016/01/resume publication have been published. You can exchange for free in gift center of
It seems that everyone who hangs out in the street inundated with .cn, .com can talk with eloquence on the internet, however only that who are well versed in domain,intellectual property, trademark behind the scenes can be called the true elite. So we meticulously prepared domain to show the most complete and fresh content to the public. In addition we bring the elite to you and make you face to face with them.
Domain was divided into 6 parties respectively named industry, personages,brand,grapevine,research,security. In the industry sector, we focus on the publication of the guidance of the state council on the protection of intellectual property, the investigation of the domain ownership in China…in the personages sector, we bring wonderful speech made by industry elite.
In the sector of brand we will give you a surprise that not only can you read the most complete and fresh information but also see the industry elite how to operate domain.
We provided Research and security sector to made the reader learn more and draw your attention of the security.

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