Disposable Email Services Product to be rolled out on Discard.Email

FRIDAY,30 January 2015   THE DOMAINS
According to the news from Domain.cn 1(1)on January 30th,Appfield.net is a German technology services provider that is rolling out a new product, Discard.email. The product is a disposable email service that will let users use their own domain name if they wish. Of course it is hard business out there competing with the likes of Gmail and Yahoo. The service claims to be better at fighting spam and providing other features.
“Users can use their own unused domains privately and anonymously on our email service. If someone wishes to provide a domain publicly for enabling other users to use it, he or she gets a unique opportunity to publish a banner advertisement. Blacklisting or blocking of domains is now a thing of the past and users can now shoot as many emails s they wish anonymously and reach out to thousands of customers, employees, friends and casual acquaintances. Users can now just fill up a small form to get started”, claimed the owner of Discard.email during a recent press conference held at Chemnitz in Germany. “Our spam blocking and prevention technique is one of the best at this moment”, claimed another co-owner.

Bearing the legacy of Spambog.com, another hugely popular disposable email service that has now rebranded as Discard.email, the new email service promises to become a powerful emailing tool for business and regular users. The owners have reiterated that they have successfully kept off cyber security issues and that their email service has all the potentials to become an alternative to leading email clients. The email service can be used on all devices, including device computers, Smartphone and tablets. However, the most striking feature of the new email service, as Discard.email developers have claimed, is the “Use Own Domain” service which comes as a plus with the email service.

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