.co.com Hits 1 Year Anniversary & 10K Registrations: It Would Be 83rd Most Registered New gTLD

FRIDAY,27 February 2015   THE DOMAINS

According to the news from Domain.cn 1(1)on February 27th, .co.com announced today that it has hit its one year anniversary since launching and has registered over 10,000 domain names.

You can read the official post here.

The company wrote in part that its 10,000 registrations are “more than most ICANN new gTLDs – and demand is accelerating”

So while  co.com is not a new gTLD, since its anniversary is right around when the first of the new gTLD’s started to launch I thought it would be interesting to see how the numbers stack up to new gTLD registrations.

So with lets call it an even 10,000 registrations, .co.com would be the 83rd most registered new gTLD’s out of the over 500 that ntldstats.com is tracking.

.co.com would come right under .World and right ahead of .Lawyer.

About 175 fully launched new gTLD have less than 1/2 of the registrations of .co.com, less than 5,000 registrations.

Since .co.com is not a new gTLD they didn’t have to pay ICANN $185,000 to apply, nor did they have to beat anyone in an auction to get the domain, as many new gTLD’s registries did.  They also don’t have to pay ICANN the minimum $25,000 annual fee that new gTLD’s have to.

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