“.CN” become the first retained ccTLD

On January. 7, 2016, the statistics from CNNIC show “.CN” exceeds “.DE” and becomes the first retained ccTLD in the world with more than 16.36 million retained domains
From security to service, strength supports its growth
As China’s national domain, “.CN”has reached the world-class in domain resolution, safe running and benign application after long years autonomous management and construction. Especially after the mechanism of real-name registration was improved in 2009, “.CN”has implemented the effective protection to its registrants and the effective prevention to malicious theft, phishing, internet fraud.
At the same time, “.CN”constantly improving its running service ability, strengthening independent intellectual property in software and hardware, and enhancing its full services. “.CN”has realized three-dimensional development from security to service.
From domestic to international, the Chinese conception is much anticipated
“.CN” is the identify of Chinese organizations and enterprises in internet, as well as the method of overseas organizations and c+
orporations to show their native service spiritual. As we know, more than 70% of Chinese banks and medias, 80% of telecommunications, 90% of 211 engineering colleges and 100% of the central and provincial government are using “.CN”. “.CN” has become the first important domain used in Chinese key departments.
In recent years, “.CN” was recognized by more and more foreign-funded enterprises, such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, City Bank, Standard Chartered bank, etc…They chosen “.CN” to show their attention to Chinese markets and users when they came to China.
“.CN”has been used for 25 years, China embraces global opportunities
“.CN” witnessed the speed development of Chinese internet. From China’s representative Qian Tianbai registered “.CN” for China in 1990, to “.CN” come back to China and Qian Hualin served as the technical contact in 1994, than to “.CN” become the first ccTLD in asia with 1 million retained domains in 2005. In 2015, the number of chinese netizen and broadband users take the first place in the world together with “.CN” become the first retained ccTLD in the world. China has become the big country of the Internet, and move steadily towards the powerful country of the Internet.
The development of the “.CN” is the comprehensive reflection and support of China’s infomationization. We can see that the important international policy and standard of internet will focus more on China’s view in the future. The constant improvement of “.CN” and informationization will win more opportunities for China’s internet development.

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