.Click’s 3,800 domains: Good or bad?

People spent about $25,000 on .click domains on the first day.


According to the news from Domain.cn1(1) on November 28th, here’s a riddle: how many domains will domainers register on the first day of a new TLD launch for a semi-decent generic domain during Thanksgiving week with super low registration fees and basically no domains held back?

Answer: 3,800.

That’s about how many domain names were registered yesterday in Uniregistry’s .click, which launched along with 4 other Uniregistry domain names. Very few were registered in sunrise, so basically all of these were registered by domainers. Prices were less than $7 at each registrar I checked.

Is that good or bad?

For my part, I pre-ordered about 20 domains and only got one successfully. There certainly was demand for the very best terms. I then registered two more domains later on in the day.

I think the question on many minds: how much will a .click domain be worth, even a “good” one, when there are lots of other generic domains coming on the market over the next year? Even if the same sld is a premium in the other domains, we’re probably talking about a maximum upside of hundreds on a resale, not thousands.

By the way, although Frank Schilling didn’t register domains on his behalf before the launch, he did say they might register them post-launch. So if you’re interested in getting any, now is the time.



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