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GM Becomes 1st Fortune 50 Company To Launch a Site On a New gTLD: GeneralMotors.Green

Carly Fiorina jokes about registering


According to the news from 1(1)on May 7th,Presidential hopeful jokes with comedian about domain names.

There’s been quite a bit of mainstream coverage this past week about presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and domain names.

The press has said that she forgot to register Some other person registered it and is using it to highlight layoffs under her tenure at HP.

(As it turns out, her company actually used to own the domain name and let it expire.)

Fiorina is having a laugh about it, including on Late Night with Seth Meyers. After Meyers brought up the domain name, Fiorina said she just registered while she was waiting in the green room. Indeed, the domain name was just registered yesterday under whois privacy. (It was registered to someone else earlier, but it dropped.) Offering Free .Party New gTLD Domain Name Registrations


According to the news from 1(1)on May 7th, the registrar who offered free and then $.49 domain names for .Science which just broke the 250,000 domain registration mark, announced today that is was now offering free .Party domains.

Famous Four Media is the registry for both .Science and .Party.

As we discussed before which is located in Gibraltar as is Famous Four, only seems to have sold registrations on Famous Four’s extensions.

.Party which launched a while back has over 5,600 registrations.

Its not clear how many free .Party domain names will be offered.

Here is the announcement.

“”.PARTY Time… Excellent!!

At Alpnames we want to invite you to a .PARTY, entrance is FREE!!

On the 6th May 2015 we will be offering 1 year .PARTY domains FREE OF CHARGE.

You can .PARTY for an entire year for FREE courtesy of Alpnames.

We only have a limited number of 1 year domain names available
so get yours while you can!

So .PARTY on down to REGISTER.PARTY and get yours today by clicking here:

.NGO/.ONG Launches Today For Non-Profits: New gTLD’s Done Right: Here is What You Need To Know


According to the news from 1(1)on May 6th,the Public Interest Registry (PIR) which operates the .Org domain name extension, is launching .NGO and .ONG today into general availability for Non-profit, non governmental organizations.

The new gTLD domain name extension go live at 8pm EST tonight to be registered on a first come, first served basis.

I had a chance to chat with Dave Stewart VP, Sales and Marketing of PIR about these two new extensions.

.NGO and .ONG are being sold together meaning you get both extensions for one price., which is just under $50 at

However do not confuse .ngo and .ong with .Org which is an extension open to all (and has around 10.5 million domain names registered)

.NGO and .ONG are only for non-profit, non-governmental organizations.

PIR says they have identified at least 4 million of these but there are many more.

PIR worked with the NGO community for over 3 years and they incorporated the NGO community’s concerns and suggestions on how they wanted .NGO and .ONG to be a secure, validated space for nonprofits and PIR has come up with a really impressive offering one of the best uses I have seen for a new gTLD.

The way it works it you go to your registrar of choice and register a domain on a first come, first serve basis.

There are only 22 domain name registrars taking .NGO/.ONG registrations as of today but the registry will be on-boarding new Registrars ongoing.  For a complete list of registrars you can register a .ngo/.ong domain name with you can click here.

Some generic terms will be available on a premium priced registration rate which will carry a renewal rate of 50% of the registration rate while the best generic terms are being reserved by the registry to make sure they go to organizations that can do the most good with them.

You must be an existing organization with non-profit status as granted by the jurisdiction the organization is located.

In the United States you will need to have a articles of incorporation for a nonprofit company filed and a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granting you the 501-c-3 status.

The organization cannot be  affiliated with any Governmental body.

So when someone registers a .ngo/.ong domain name the registrant will have to self certify that they met the requirements to own a .ngo/.ong domain.

After a successful registration, the registry will send a link to the registrant and give them instructions on how to send the supporting materials into the registry.

While the registrant can send in the supporting documents into the registry at any time during the 12 month registration period, the domain will not resolve until the registrant sends the required material to the registry and its approved.

Domain names that are not validated through the registry will not auto renew.

Now here is the really interesting part.

With a domain registration, you also get a community profile page from  a new PIR product  On Good,

The profile page will not only list all the information about your non-profit but also give you the opportunity to have people donate to your organization through Ammado which is already according to its site, processing transaction for over 1.6 million nonprofits Worldwide.

So while nonprofits can built out their own sites on a .ngo or .ong, for those without the technical expertise or funding to get a website done, they can just use the community profile page and start raising funds and make people aware of their nonprofit.

If you’re wondering why .ngo is being bundled with  .ong, its because while .NGO is recognized in many countries including the United States, that term translates into .ONG in some languages including;  French, Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Through the Sunrise period, there are 0ver 800 registrations for .NGO and .ONG (419 each to be exact) including some of the most respected and well known nonprofits in the world including Goodwill, National Geographic, YMCA, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, the WWF, and Greenpeace to name a few.

You can watch a video, on .the mission of .NGO and .ONG as well as examples of what the community page will looks like and how it can be used by nonprofits worldwide by clicking here

.Fit Launches Today: Here’s Our Picks For The Best Domains But They Are Not Cheap


According to the news from 1(1)on April 30th,the new gTLD .Fit is launching into general availability today and thought I would let you know my top picks because I won’t be registering any of them.

.Fit seems to be a limited extension when it comes to natural terms as Fit is falling on the wrong side of the dot.

However I did find some good domain names that are naturals,with .Fit,  the problem is they are pricey in my opinion.

I did check out the Sunrise registrations for .Fit and found only 76.

One of the best trademark terms would have been Honda.Fit since it’s a popular car model, but I didn’t see a Sunrise registration for it, but maybe Honda is planning on picking it up as soon as GA opens.

For the record there is already a .Fitness which is a Donuts extension and it has over 5,600 registrations.

Here are my picks are the best available domains with the registration and renewal pricing at $6,250.00 ( sold for $50K in 2007) $6,250.00 (We sold for $31K in 2011) $3,125.00 $1,250.00 $625.00 $3,125.00 $1,250.00 $1,250.00 $625.00 $3,125.00 $1,250.00 $3,125.00 $3,125.00

Here are some domains that are not available as they appear reserved (although has them listed at $75K per year)

We will let you know tomorrow how many registrations Minds + Machines who owns the .Fit registry gets and what domains get registered.

Minds + Machines did announce today that Arnold Sports Festival, one of the many inspiring organizations associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger – the international film-star and seven-time Mr. Olympia winner – has taken several .fit domains names, including and in the pioneer program

.Video Hits EAP Today & 85% Of All Premiums Are Priced at $200 or Less


According to the news from 1(1)on April 30th,.Video is entered the Early Access Program (EAP) today (day 1) and based on the volume of Sunrise registrations and search data it would seem to be a pretty hot new gTLD.

We counted some 460 domain registrations by trademark holders in the Sunrise period which is one of the largest to date.

Beyond the number of Sunrise registrations the registrations themselves are telling

The CBS family which includes Viacom, Showtime, MTV and Nickelodeon registered a lot of domains not just of the networks but for many of its popular programs even old programs going back to I Love Lucy.

Other broadcasters getting .Video domains included Fox, HBO, Discovery Networks, Starz and the Weather Channel.

Shows like Entertainment Tonight, Americas Next Top Model, Judge Judy also registered .Video domains.

Even got the domain FunnyorDie.Video

Katy Perry got

The National Hockey League (NHL) also went in heavy into .Video registrations.

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft also registered quite a few domain names.

All and all very impressive list and we have a bunch of the more interesting sunrise registrations below.

I have no idea how and Freeporn.Video got registered in Sunrise but they did as well as

I reached out to Rightside the registry for .Video for some information on how many domain names are premium priced.

Premium priced domains have a renewal rate equal to the registration price (plus the one time EAP charge if ordered during that period)

Here is the info for .Video

There are just over 30k premiums .Video domains but 85% of those are priced at a wholesale cost of $200 or below.

Matt Overman from Rightside told

“We are really excited about the level of brand participation during the .VIDEO sunrise period. It’s been our most active sunrise to date and we are hopeful that this momentum carries thru to EAP and beyond. There are so many great premium domains priced under $250 such as,, and, available starting today in EAP at all of our many registrar partners.

Additionally, the momentum we are building with higher value premium domain sales, including 6 figure sales like and, should continue with the launch of .VIDEO and the release of domains like and”

I should also note that the word Video has the same meaning in many other languages including German, French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese.

Here are the more interesting trademark registrations:

79% Of The Attendees Of The Collision Startup Conference Using “Risky” Domains


According to the news from 1(1)on April 29th,Bill Sweetman President of, sent out a press release today saying that 79% of 491 Startups that will be participating at the Collision Startup Conference being held in Las Vegas on May 5-6 are using domain names that are counter intuitive and likely pose marketing challenges.

Bill also found that more than two-thirds (68%) of the startup domains failed the Radio Test, meaning the names are not spelled the way they sound.

“Startups without the optimal domain name face an uphill marketing battle.”

“Choosing a hard-to-spell name that fails the “Radio Test” is the number one problem, followed by not having the exact match .com domain.”

“If your startup is named Fashion Ferret then the optimal domain name is the exact match .com domain,” “Using anything else is risky because it’s likely to confuse your customers and drive up your marketing costs.”

Only 21% of startup domain names were the most intuitive domain name.

Bill Sweetman, is quoted as saying:

“I get it.

“Most startups don’t have much cash to spend on their domain name. But let’s not forget that your domain name is a key marketing asset.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a memorable domain name”

There are lots of free tools and service providers that can help you no matter what your domain name budget is.”

I will add that many domain owners like myself offer leasing and financing options which is ideal for startups.

Walmart Files UDRP on New gTLD Domain Walmart.LGBT

FRIDAY,24 April 2015   THE DOMAINS

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 24th,Walmart has filed a UDRP on the new gTLD domain

The new domain extension .LGBT,  for those that may not know,  “is the first internet address created specifically for connecting with the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender community.” and is operated by Afilias.

Interestedly just a couple of months ago Walmart came out against the “Anti-LGBT Bill“, a piece of legislation in Arkansas where Walmart is headquartered that “opponents say sanctions discrimination against gays and lesbians”.

As far as we can tell this is the first UDRP or URS,  which are administrative proceedings rights holders can use to get a quick resolution to a domain name disputes,  that has been filed on a .LGBT domain name.

Earlier this week, Walmart filed a UDRP on another new gTLD domain name Walmart.Horse

The domain name Walmart.LGBT was registered on Feburary 12th by a Courtney Pollack of Connecticut who looks like she works at ESPN as a Broadcast Engineer.

.LGBT opened for live registrations on February 10th.

The domain does not currently resolve.

We will let you know how this one turns out.

Having Some .Fun? Beats Google & .Buzz to The New gTLD .Fun

MONDAY,20 April 2015   THE DOMAINS

According to the news from 1(1)on April 20th,.Fun which was scheduled to go to an ICANN Last Resort Auction later this month has been resolved with Oriental Trading Company, Inc who owns the domain prevailing in a private auction beating Google and the company that owns and operates .Buzz

.Fun will be the only new gTLD that Oriental Trading Company, Inc. will operate.  The company applied for .Party but did not prevail (Famous Four Media won)

According to its application, the Oriental Trading Company, Inc. (OTC) plans to operate .Fun as a closed registry.

Here is how OTC described the .Fun new gTLD in its application

“”The new .fun gTLD will operate as a restricted registry, in which the Oriental Trading Company, Inc. (OTC) can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand identity and authenticity within the trusted .fun domain space. In this regard, .fun will be used by OTC to provide targeted services, content and products relevant to its consumers in a way that promote trust, quality, convenience and utility.
The .fun gTLD will provide an authoritative Internet space for OTC, its affiliates and partners where OTC can develop an unlimited number of domain names dedicated and relevant to “fun” and to provide Internet users with content, services and products they need, while being assured of brand authenticity.
OTC is the largest direct retailer of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys, novelties and a leading provider of school supplies and affordable home décor and giftware.
OTC was established in the US in 1932 with its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. In the 1970’s OTC quickly expanded by using catalogs and direct marketing to target consumers, schools, non-profit organization, retailers and businesses. As the Internet grew in popularity in the late 1990’s OTC further explored new ways to reach its growing customer base on the Internet.
In 2011, OTC had over 30 million customers on file, over 250 million catalogs mailed annually, operated three Internet websites and now has over 40,000 different products on offer.

OTC also received the ‘Omaha 25’ Award for Corporate Citizenship and the ‘National Communitas Award’ for Corporate Social Responsibility.
OTC has been active as a supplier of party items for every type of party for over 80 years and has a strong reputation in the US and Canada with its easy online order system.
The website ranks among the Top 20 retail sites for online customer satisfaction.
Currently customers outside of Canada and the US can only place orders via the call center. OTC seeks to further enhance its reputation worldwide while maintaining its lowest price guarantee and aims for customers in other countries to be able to place orders online.
Given the restricted nature of the .fun gTLD, the projected number of registration is likely to be limited. It is anticipated that a more limited number of around 75 domain names will be registered in the first year. However, over the next few years, the number of registrations is likely to increase to up to 300 domain names as OTC develops and implements new services and marketing campaigns.

As the new .fun gTLD expands and evolves, OTC may consider offering the use of second level domain names to its authorized resellers at a later stage (upon meeting all required criteria as set out in the registration policy and entering into appropriate agreements with OTC).

.Science Still Getting Over 3K registrations A Day: Is This a Revolution or Another .TK

MONDAY,20 April 2015   THE DOMAINS

According to the news from 1(1)on April 20th,.Science which launched at the end of February is still adding more domain registrations a day than any other new gTLD extension by far on a daily basis

Yesterday .Science added another 3K+ domain registrations as it did the day before and the day before that.

Around 85% of all registrations are coming from which gave away about 50K domain names for free and are currently selling .Science domain for $.49.

I’ve seen other registrars selling .Science domains for a dollar.

Of course .Science is not the only new gTLD that registrars are selling for very low cost.

I even have an offer for .Ninja domains for $.99 right now.

But I think its an indication of where the non-Donuts extension are being marketed and sold and I don’t think its good for the new gTLD program as a whole.

For the registry I get it.

They have to pay ICANN a minimum of $25K a year at $.18 per domain so they may as well have domains in circulation and pay the $25K than have 300 domains registered and still pay the $25K.  A certain percentage of these will get renewed at normal rates next year so at the end an extension like .Science which isn’t a higely deep vertical especially for business, winds up with more registrations after year one than they could ever hope for.

I’m not sure how this type of marketing campaign that winds up with this many nonsensical registrations help the mission statement of the new gTLD program which is to give consumers choices in the domain space due to “all the good .com’s being registered”

I still believe that the new gTLD program could provide choices to consumers, startup and billions of people that don’t own a domain name.

However these free,  to almost free domain programs,  are looking more like the ccTLD of .tk which has over 25 million registered domains, than a revolution in the domain space.

Back to .Science, there are now around 127,000 .Science domain names registered

I decided to see what domain names got registered yesterday.

Here are the domain starting from 0-through the letter e according to Registered.Today (that list changes everyday)

Bottom line in my opinion there are very few domain registrations that make any sense or have any relationship to the .Science vertical.

What do you think?