“cabs.com” was closed the deal at more than 50,000 dollars through sedo.com

1(1) According to news from Domain.cn on September 16th, ”cabs.com” was auctioned through sedo platform at a surprising price of more than 50,000 dollars, equivalent of more than 300000 RMB.

Based on the WHOIS information,  ”cabs.com” was registered as early as in 1995 and has been 19 years,until some information changes in September 11th. ”cabs.com” has been renewed to September in 2016. Its relevant mainstream suffixes have already been registered.

Hereunder is the WHOIS information of ”cabs.com” :


In ”cabs.com”, “cabs” can be translated into “taxi”,”drinving room”, also the abbreviation of “Chinese-American BioPharmaceutical Society”.


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