40 End User Domain Name Sales


According to the news from Domain.cn 1(1) on February 28th,40 recent end user domain name sales at Sedo.

During the past week, Sedo’s network sold $900,000 in domain names. The 3 highest sales were Heika.com ($300k), which is a title associated with Japanese emperors; Anker.com ($150k), the German for “anchor”; and HOOQ.com ($50k).

As usual, I’ve compiled a list of 40 domains where an end user can be identified. Most of these come from last week, while others were technically sold during previous weeks but have just emerged from escrow.

ArticlesOfIncorporation.org ($1000) – was purchased by the folks at WikiDownload.com, which stocks documents, eBooks, games, and software.

AquaGym.com (€6000) – belongs to MBG Global, which boasts of selling its branded product line in 58 countries. What product line, you ask? Beverages. Apart from the redirect, their closest connection to this domain appears to be a branded mineral water called “Acqua Morelli”.

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