$25,000 new TLD sale among this week’s end user domain name sales


1(1)According to the news from Domain.cn on September 16th, Travel company is among at least four end users who bought new TLDs at Sedo this past week.

There is an aftermarket for new top level domain names. It’s not huge, and few people are getting rich from it. But there is a market.

Take this week’s $25,000 sale of Baltic.cruises by Viking River Cruises. I’ve seen magazine ads for Viking, which promotes small ship cruises in European rivers for those that don’t want to venture far from shore.

This domain was among at least four new TLDs sold to end users this past week at Sedo. The other sales were for under $1,000, but that’s not bad for domains registered less than a year ago.

The end user list, including new TLDs and existing ones, is below.

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Baltic.cruises $25,000 – Viking River Cruises

Kiel.com 19,500 EUR – Kiel Industrial Services in Germany.

Reformador.com $11,000 – Renovation company Corpointegra Reformador, which uses the matching .es domain name.

Houzz.pt $750 – Home design size Houzz. .PT is the country code domain for Portugal.

Poultry.bid $750 – it seems that the buyer runs ChickenOrTheEgg.co.uk, a place to buy and sell chickens.

CWCO.net $750 – Consolidated Water, a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) company that owns CWCO.com.

MyDentist.co.uk 4,400 EUR – Integrated Dental Holdings Ltd, a network of dentists in the UK.

Darome.com 999 EUR – Brazilian company Darome Empreendimentos e Participacoes Ltda.

Werkstoff.com 2,750 EUR – IT consulting company RI Solution. This translates to “material” in English.

eSome.com 5,000 EUR – Now here’s a big upgrade: esome advertising technologies GmbH has been using esome-advertising.com for its web address.

TrueSearch.com $6,450 – True, a recruiting company that says it uses a data-drive approach to recruiting.

CodeMonkeys.com $1,200 – Media Monkeys d.o.o. I assumed this was a web design company, but their MediaMonkeys.com page is about wood recycling.

Eurochange.com 2,350 EUR – NoteMachine UK Ltd, an ATM company.

Capetown.today $799 – the owner of iAfrica.com, a news site.

Hotel-Marketing.com $1,200 – Hotel marketing consultants ideas4hotels

dot24.com – Recruiting company Tool24, which uses the domain name Tool24.de.

Active.marketing $875 – Active Internet Marketing, a Michigan addiction treatment marketing company that uses ActiveInternetMarketing.com for its domain name. An upgrade?

AssistInternational.org $825 – a humanitarian organization.

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