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The 13th International Digital Content Expo

On January 7, 2016, the 13th International Digital Content Expo was hold in CNCC. The exhibition space was more than 22000 square meters. The expo was hold by China’s Animation Group and Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund Management Co.Ltd., co-sponsored by Beijing Association of Network Culture,etc…
The exhibition contains interactive entertainment products, digital network technology products, original cartoon theme exhibitions, cybercafe equipment and services, summit forum and outstanding culture network works,etc… It attracted numerous domestic and foreign enterprises of internet culture to participate. More than 200 enterprises join the exhibition, such as Tencent, NetEase, Baidu, EJEE,etc… The summit forum is the main forum, and the online animation, online music, show business, transformation and upgrading of Internet access services, mobile games and cultural investment and financing are the sub-forums.
On January 8, the minister of culture Luo Shugang , the director of State Culture Relics Bureau Liu Yuzhu, the officer of Ministry of Culture Yu Qun visited and inspected the expo and see the development situation of exhibitors and the industry.
The theme of the expo is “Double Innovation, Internet World”, keeps the point of “innovation” and “internet+”.The aims are building China’s network literature and art position, giving leading chance to well-know enterprise and supporting entrepreneurial young enterprise.
For years, china international digital content expo always adhere to the concepts of government dominating, industry operating, market mechanism, win-win cooperation, public participation and centralized exhibition. It providing a platform for government, enterprises and customers to display, communicate and transact. From 2003 to 2014, the trading volume were more than 4000 millions in all.

China Internet Culture Conference has conclude its 2015 session

China Internet Culture Conference has closed at National Convention Centre on January 9 th , 2015.

The influential person including Tuo Zuhai, chairman of China Animation group, Netease CEO Ding Lei ,Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent athered, 360 vice president Qu Bing, 37 Mutual Entertainment President Li Yifei, Six Rooms CEO Liu Yan, Bilibili chairman Chen Rui, vice president Shen Wei, vice president of entertainment and so on at the China Internet Culture Conference.  A number of Chinese Internet culture industry entrepreneurs were invited to attend the summit forum respectively, and do keynote speeches and round discussion from the point of the view enterprise itself on the network culture of new formats, social responsibilities of enterprise network culture and network culture safety.

Network culture, as the important cultural manifestations in era of Internet in China ,is the extension of realistic social culture and the show of diversification .It also formed its own unique cultural characteristics , culture product features and ways of thinking characteristics.

With the Ministry of culture vigorous support, Chinese animation Group Limited and  professional third-party advisory body conform to the country’s Internet strategy deployment and promote the development of network culture industry effectively. Annual meeting of 2015 of China’s network culture industry was hold during the 13th China International Network Culture Expo at the National Convention . Summit meeting name and time are as follows.


On January 8 th, 2016.

summit forum 10:00-17:00

Internet service transformation and upgrading forum 13:30-17:00

On January 9 th,2016.

Internet culture and financial investment forum 09:30-11:30

Internet and animation development forum 09:30-12:00

Network game and the pan entertainment IP fusion forum 13:30-17:00


Summit Forum

    Summit Forum is the core forum of China’s network culture industry .The leadership of the Ministry of culture and the National Network Information Office introduced related policies about network culture. Enterprise’s executives of the Tencent, Netease, 360, Baidu, 37 Inter Entertainment, Six Rooms and other well-known Internet shared their “Internet culture” development strategy.

The opening of the Summit Forum lead China network of cultural enterprises to explore the direction of network of culture in the rapidly changing era of network culture . It built a platform for an inspiration network cultural and creative wisdom. The network culture industry is  international high-end event and brand event.

Internet Service Transformation and Upgrading Forum 

    In order to promote Internet service transformation and upgrading work, improve Internet service environment and make it to be bright, open, clean public cultural spaces. The 13th China International Network Culture Expo Organizing Committee of Beijing Network Culture Association, together with Entbraind held Internet transformation and upgrading service forum to further explore the new path and mode of Internet service industry transformation and upgrade and point out the direction of the industry development.


Internet Culture and Financial Investment Forum

With the support of ministry of culture and china animation group, as the exclusive strategic partner of the thirteenth china international network culture EXPO, GuangZhou Fund host the Internet culture and financial investment forum to explore the opportunity of the culture industry investment and promote the combination of ”internet+culture+finance” .


Internet and Animation Development Forum

In this forum, company representatives from the China Animation group, Tencent Animation, the Alpha Animation, BiliBili Network Animation made wonderful keynote speech, and discuss in depth about the topic of research and development of domestic animation industry, brand building…


Network Game and the Pan Entertainment IP Fusion Forum

The corporate executives of Tencent Inter Entertainment, 37 Inter Entertainment, Baidu, 360, and Mango TV, the Alpha pictures and other film and television companies spread a discussion on Integration of Pan Entertainment and IP.