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Domain2016/01/resume publication have been published

Domain club reported on Jan 28,2016. Domain2016/01/resume publication have been published. You can exchange for free in gift center of
It seems that everyone who hangs out in the street inundated with .cn, .com can talk with eloquence on the internet, however only that who are well versed in domain,intellectual property, trademark behind the scenes can be called the true elite. So we meticulously prepared domain to show the most complete and fresh content to the public. In addition we bring the elite to you and make you face to face with them.
Domain was divided into 6 parties respectively named industry, personages,brand,grapevine,research,security. In the industry sector, we focus on the publication of the guidance of the state council on the protection of intellectual property, the investigation of the domain ownership in China…in the personages sector, we bring wonderful speech made by industry elite.
In the sector of brand we will give you a surprise that not only can you read the most complete and fresh information but also see the industry elite how to operate domain.
We provided Research and security sector to made the reader learn more and draw your attention of the security.

Integrity Construction of Internet Industry Forum

Domain club reported on Jan 27,2016
In order to further promote the integrity of the Internet industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users, establish the credibility of the brand of Chinese Internet industry, the Internet Society of China yesterday hosted the internet integrity construction of industry forum in Beijing. Internet business representative such as Baidu, Sohu, YJEE attend the meeting.

The meeting began at 2;00 in the afternoon. The host introduced the background and purpose of the meeting dedicated to President Xi Jinping speech of ISOC,proposing to promote the four principles of global Internet governance system and construction of the five point proposal on cyberspace community.
All enterprises made valuable suggestions in the conference on the topic of integrity construction of internet and introduced the achievement about integrity construction.
Zhang Kaihua, the chief producer of consumption proposals express strengthen communication with the internet society and will make more good tv show beneficial to the consumer.
At last, Wu Hong introduced the case of protection to consumer’s right and establishment of the brand’s credibility. This case draw the attention of the present enterprises.

Anti Internet Advertising Traffic Hijacking Convention

Domain club reported on Jan 21. Anti Internet Advertising Traffic Hijacking Convention released in the first Digital Marketing Conference.
Anti Internet Advertising Traffic Hijacking Convention contained legitimate business guarantee, user online experience guarantee, enterprise responsibility security guarantee, user information security guarantee. The establishment of anti traffic hijacking alliance aimed at promoting the establishment and perfection of the legal system of internet advertising, maintaining the basic rights and privacy security through the practical action. The ultimate aim is promoting ecological security and development of industry of the internet to provide a clean internet environment for the users.

the First China Digital Marketing Conference

On Jan. 20, 2016, the first china digital marketing conference &digital marketing commendation congress was hold in CNCC. It was supervised by Ministry of Commerce, co-sponsered by China Advertising Association Commerce digital marketing committee, ‘one belt and one road’ culture transmission and economy development research group, China’s Foreign Trade Economic Cooperation Enterprises’ Association and China Association for International Exchange.
There are three agendas on the conference: publishing industry convention, report, standard; digital and smart forum; commendation congress. The important pubishment of the digital industry are below: the protection of personal information convention, anti-Traffichijack convention, china digital brand influence list, china didital marketing industry report and mobile marketing standard.
The commendation congress aim at founding , encouraging and award the brand owners,digital enterprises, media agency and individuals for that china’s brand construction meet many chalenges and difficulties. The commendation are as fellow: Brands Achievement Award, Leader Award, O2O value model award, influence person award, etc…

2016 Annual Meeting of Chinese Domain Name Industry

On Jan. 20, 2016 annual meeting of Chinese domain name industry and CNNIC Industry Partner Conference is held in Guangzhou. EJEE Group Holdings Ltd is the leading service provider of internet application and network inventory appreciation in domain industry. EJEE was selected as five-star service registar of 2015.
CNNIC comprehencively evaluates top-level domain name registars in the world each year and then award the outstand registars in the annual meeting. And it is the fairest and the most authoritative selection in China’s domain industry.
EJEE Group is a network brand appreciation company focused on domain name, trademark and interllectual property as well as providing fill service of domain registration, domain deal, domain management, domain agent,and domain auction and domain high-end solution to its client.
In 2016, under the leadership of Ye xujian,Chairman & President,EJEE Group will always uphold their professionalism, integrity, service and progressive value, adhere to the ‘Customer First, Honesty first’service concept. Taking the east breeze of ‘internet+’, EJEE will provide beter service to its clients and positively explore in network brand and intellectual property.

Internet finance regulatory arbitrage is reducing

As the improvment of internet finance regulatory policy, the development of internet finance will be more health. In the past few days, zhongguancun internet finance research institute publish its Report of Internet Finance Competetiveness to Micro-finance on the 2016 zhongguancun internet finance forum &the 3rd PuHui finance forum. The report indicates that the internet finance policy was inicially complished, and the regulatory arbitrage is reducing.
The report predicted the trends of internet finance: the development will accelarate in depth; service entity economy will become the basic of its sustainable development; the policy will inicailly complished; regulatory arbitrage is reducing; the protection of customers’ rights will be the focus; more capitals will enter the field, etc…
At the same time, the combination of business bank and internet finance will accelerate in 2016. Liu yong, an officer of zhongguancun internet finance reaearch institute, said that the internet banks appeared since CBRC give bank licences to micro-bank and net-bank. Internet banks will get advantage by implementing participation strategy, inclusive channel strategy and low-cost operating model.

2016 China Internet Financial Annual Meeting and Lu Wei’s speech

Domain club ( ) January 17 News. 2016 China Internet financial annual meeting, co-organized by the China Internet association, China electronic finance industry alliance, China Internet association Internet Financial Work Committee, operated by CIF Internet Financial Remittance successfully held in Beijing yesterday. Lu Wei, Secretary General of the China Internet association attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Lu Wei listed below to illustrate a vigorous period of development in the Internet finance.

1. The strong support of central committee policy.
2. The improvement of the infrastructure provided a guarantee for the development of our Internet finance.
3. The support of technology and big data cloud computing.
4. Business innovation promoted many Internet business continuously forward.
5. The transformation of our enterprises is in definite need of Internet finance.
Lu Wei said based on internet finance: – our technology, especially the Internet technology should not be considered itself as it stands. But focus on the trend and business that brought by technology. So I think this study should be further deepened. Another aspect is to standardize the management and control risk. This needless to say, we have also introduced the relevant guidance since last year. There will be more new guidance issued in the new year. – Good service on small, medium enterprises and industry of transformation and upgrade, it is only in this way could internet finance has vitality.

Letv has changed its domain name

Upgrading brand and changing a logo is not a new thing at the critical period especially the subversion era of internet transformation. On January 12, letv thrown a heavy pound of action that carry out a largest scale brand upgrade campaign ever. ——each of these sub ecological has enabled a new brand image that use 4 kind of color system to distinguish. These color respectively mean blue of science and technology, red of art, green of internet , gray of parent brand and constitute a more gorgeous ecosystem.

Among these, One of the biggest change is letv completing a maximum transformation that not only change the domain name to, but also upgrade the name of letv to letv video. Letv announced three future strategy- content connect user, open to build service , globalization sharing. As the highlight of letv in the beginning of 2016. The surface appears of collective brand upgrade to be a whole action ,but look carefully the status of letv video was raised.

Xu Yang:Upgrade and Burst of We-Media

Domain club( th. News
Yesterday, FengXiang 2016 upgrade and burst of we-media was host by WeiBoYi in Beijing.WeiBoYi’s founder Xu Yang attend the conference and made a speech on the subject upgrade and burst of we-media.
WeBoYi was set up in 2009 and raised 3.2 hundred million during the most recent round funding. It owned more than 6 hundred thousand we-media cooperation resources and 3 hundred thousand clients up to now. Xu Yang said ,the first advertising orders came from we-media barons with more than seven in ten and as well as the 40 percent of stars.
Intentional orders was offered with 7 hundred million yuan by weibiyi in 2015. among these, a we-media got a real income of 5.48 million. In 2015, weiboyi set two spurt. A enterprise made a cooperation with 7000 we- media.
Xu Yang announced that WeiBoYi will start formally the million club strategy and get a rapid development in 2016.
WeiBoYi attracted more than 1000 outstanding we-media to the FengXiang 2016 Upgrade and Burst of We-media conference for collision ,communication and investment…

“.CN” become the first retained ccTLD

On January. 7, 2016, the statistics from CNNIC show “.CN” exceeds “.DE” and becomes the first retained ccTLD in the world with more than 16.36 million retained domains
From security to service, strength supports its growth
As China’s national domain, “.CN”has reached the world-class in domain resolution, safe running and benign application after long years autonomous management and construction. Especially after the mechanism of real-name registration was improved in 2009, “.CN”has implemented the effective protection to its registrants and the effective prevention to malicious theft, phishing, internet fraud.
At the same time, “.CN”constantly improving its running service ability, strengthening independent intellectual property in software and hardware, and enhancing its full services. “.CN”has realized three-dimensional development from security to service.
From domestic to international, the Chinese conception is much anticipated
“.CN” is the identify of Chinese organizations and enterprises in internet, as well as the method of overseas organizations and c+
orporations to show their native service spiritual. As we know, more than 70% of Chinese banks and medias, 80% of telecommunications, 90% of 211 engineering colleges and 100% of the central and provincial government are using “.CN”. “.CN” has become the first important domain used in Chinese key departments.
In recent years, “.CN” was recognized by more and more foreign-funded enterprises, such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, City Bank, Standard Chartered bank, etc…They chosen “.CN” to show their attention to Chinese markets and users when they came to China.
“.CN”has been used for 25 years, China embraces global opportunities
“.CN” witnessed the speed development of Chinese internet. From China’s representative Qian Tianbai registered “.CN” for China in 1990, to “.CN” come back to China and Qian Hualin served as the technical contact in 1994, than to “.CN” become the first ccTLD in asia with 1 million retained domains in 2005. In 2015, the number of chinese netizen and broadband users take the first place in the world together with “.CN” become the first retained ccTLD in the world. China has become the big country of the Internet, and move steadily towards the powerful country of the Internet.
The development of the “.CN” is the comprehensive reflection and support of China’s infomationization. We can see that the important international policy and standard of internet will focus more on China’s view in the future. The constant improvement of “.CN” and informationization will win more opportunities for China’s internet development.