2016 China Internet Financial Annual Meeting and Lu Wei’s speech

Domain club (domain.cn ) January 17 News. 2016 China Internet financial annual meeting, co-organized by the China Internet association, China electronic finance industry alliance, China Internet association Internet Financial Work Committee, operated by CIF Internet Financial Remittance successfully held in Beijing yesterday. Lu Wei, Secretary General of the China Internet association attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Lu Wei listed below to illustrate a vigorous period of development in the Internet finance.

1. The strong support of central committee policy.
2. The improvement of the infrastructure provided a guarantee for the development of our Internet finance.
3. The support of technology and big data cloud computing.
4. Business innovation promoted many Internet business continuously forward.
5. The transformation of our enterprises is in definite need of Internet finance.
Lu Wei said based on internet finance: – our technology, especially the Internet technology should not be considered itself as it stands. But focus on the trend and business that brought by technology. So I think this study should be further deepened. Another aspect is to standardize the management and control risk. This needless to say, we have also introduced the relevant guidance since last year. There will be more new guidance issued in the new year. – Good service on small, medium enterprises and industry of transformation and upgrade, it is only in this way could internet finance has vitality.

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