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8 Naming Mistakes Investors Hate to See

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,there are so many diffferent opinions out there on naming, and more than one reason why certain companies choose the name they do. Sometimes it comes down to budget, sometimes it’s a certain meaning to the founder that no one else understands, and sometimes it’s about following the herd and following a similar naming convention.

Martin Zwilling wrote an article on Entrepreneur that looks at 8 naming mistakes that investors hate to see. Mr. Zwilling is a start up mentor and angel investor so he is looking at naming through the prism of investing in many small, unknown, start ups.

Zwilling discusses things that we have always advised companies on, such as make sure the name has no international meaning that may be negative. You may not be planning on selling in Latin America for example, but make sure your company name does not have a meaning in Spanish that embarrasses you. He also talks about making sure you can get the social media handles for your name. I think this can be especially different if you are following the other rules that Zwilling has laid out. You are not going to get a Twitter handle with very common first word/very common second word.

He also delves into an area that is very popular with start ups and brandable domain investors alike. The “Made Up Pronounceable”

Zwilling writes:
2. Tricky spellings send customers to competitors.

Today, everyone expects to find you online, and competitors quickly learn to route all misspellings of your business name to their sites. Use conventional spelling, or phonetically consistent spellings, rather than the cute variation that implies a double ententre and amuses all your friends.

3. Nonsense phrases and non-words are tough to brand.

These may be easy to trademark, but there are few plans strong enough, or companies with enough money, to make Google and Xerox recognized brands. Most startups don’t have the resources, and should be more humble in starting with a name that customers will recognize.

Number 8 on the list will ruffle a few feathers on the pro new gtld side, Mr. Zwilling recommends to avoid the new extensions.
8. Skip the new wave of domain name suffixes.

Even though the standard .com or country suffix can now be replaced by virtually any word, including .bank, .sport, or .coke, I don’t recommend it yet for startups. While these may sound attractive in defining your company name, they still don’t have full recognition by most customer segments. At best, they should be reserved as alternates, with website redirects to forestall competitors.

In all cases, I recommend that you spend some time building a short list of three to five names that satisfy your objectives, but avoid the shortcomings above, and try them out on potential customers, peers and advisors. Feedback from friends and family is the least valuable, since they have the same biases that you do.

Over 242 million Internet users visited Google properties in May

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,in a post on 24/7 Wall Street they broke down visitors to Google, Facebook,Yahoo, etc… for the month of May. Google owned sites had 242.4 million visits in May. Of course Google has You Tube and a few other popular sites under their banner. Only three companies had over 200 million visitors for May. Facebook and Yahoo both reached the 200 million visitor mark.

From the article:
Out of a total audience of 256.1 million unique U.S. Internet users, fully 95% (242.4 million) visited a property owned by Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) in May. That is an astounding number.

The unique U.S. audience for online video totaled 192.9 million in May, and Google-owned sites attracted 162.1 million, or 84%. Another astonishing number. Based on a U.S. population of 318.9 million, nearly 51% of all Americans viewed a video at a Google site in May.

The total unique visitor count includes both desktop and mobile platforms and both home and work locations. The online video count comprises home and work locations only for desktop computers and does not include advertiser videos. The numbers were reported Friday by comScore, based on the company’s Media Matrix and Video Matrix analytics programs.

Read more: Google Online Audience Reaches 242 Million in May (NASDAQ: GOOGL) – 24/7 Wall St. Becomes Largest Reported Sale on – $292,136

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,4.CN  had a big one Saturday, close today at $292,136, there were 321 bids.

The top 10 sales posted on :


Top Sales
Domain NameClosing Price shows 1RMB = .1611 USD¥1,815,000 RMB¥995,889 RMB August 2014¥948,000 RMB December 2011¥901,000 RMB November 2011 after selling on Sedo earlier in 2011 for $106,000.¥891,000 RMB January 2015¥831,000 RMB August 2014¥802,000 RMB August 2014¥688,888 RMB November 2011¥638,000 RMB December 2012¥589,888 RMB Feb 2014
So you can see that almost doubled the previous high sale The domain was registered in 1997 and dropped twice before that. Up until July 2013 the domain was registered to a Richard Brodie out of Vermont, the domain went under privacy but the name servers stayed the same.

Screenshots show a reference to a poet Ellin Anderson, who looks to have written books with Brodie and resides in Vermont as well.

Congrats to the seller on topping the charts on

.XYZ Buys Another New gTLD Domain String .Theatre

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th,.XYZ has added another new gTLD string to its growing portfolio of new domain name extensions.

Following the announcement that is bought .Security and .Protection yesterday, today .XYZ announce it has acquired the new gTLD .Theatre as “the final act”.

There was only one applicant for .Theatre;  KBE gTLD Holding Inc, whose site is

There is also a  new gTLD .for Theater.

.Theater had two applicants, one of which was  KBE gTLD Holding Inc, but the extension was awarded to Donuts after the contention was settled in private.

Donuts has not launched .Theater as of yet.

According to, the term .Theatre is used more commonly used for the performing arts,  plays and musicals, ballets, and operas while Theater is more common for movies as in movie theater.

There is also a new gTLD .Broadway that .Theatre and .Theater would be competing with.

This is from the .xyz corporate blog:

“The theatre and performing arts have been a beloved tradition for over 10,000 years – who doesn’t like to be entertained?! And think about all the show venues and movie theatres in your own town or big cities. Theatres are everywhere.”

Why the British spelling of “theatre,” you ask?

Aside from being the traditional way of spelling out the word, a large portion of performance venues and movies theatres in the United States also spell it the British way for example the  Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, AMC Theatre, and even US-based schools with theatre departments will spell it out with an -re.

We challenge you to a “theatre” vs. “theater” word hunt through the US.

Which is more prevalent?

Our bet is on the Brits.””

Having said that, I have to say my Word Press spell check wanted me to change all “theatre” entries in the post to theater.

How To Change Domains But Keep Your Search Ranking

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th,John Rampton published an article today on Forbes that looks at switching domain names and keeping search ranking. He does point out that you are more likely to drop in the rankings immediately after making a move. This should be a short term drop.

Rampton provides a step by step guide for those looking to make such a move, he goes over 8 points you should follow when making your move, everything from backing up your website, creating a sitemap and letting Google know about your move.

From the article:
While I’ve provided a general overview of the technical aspects of moving your site, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible:

Be sure to let your followers, subscriber,s and email visitors know about the move well in advance. This is particularly important if you’re also changing your name or website design. Consider using a pop-up box on your site to let visitors know about the change, and using a transitional logo or byline to help maintain brand recognition (e.g., “Formerly known as…..”).

Whenever possible, do page-to-page redirects rather than a sitewide redirect. This means directing your old pages to the most relevant pages on your new site – not just directing everything to your homepage.

Be prepared to wait 3-6 months for your rankings to reach pre-move levels. For this reason, it’s important to avoid making the move during a busy time of year.

Consider stepping up your game when it comes to PR following the move. This can help generate authoritative links to your new domain, boosting your rankings, and potentially speeding up the process of restoring your search traffic. Acquires and will move to new domain

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th,Blain Reinkensmeyer wrote a blog post on that they have acquired and will be moving the site to that domain name. He also gave a number on Apparently that domain was acquired for $185,000 in 2011.

When I purchased the domain in 2007, I had no idea what the future held. I loved the market, I had a new found love for “blogging”, and I decided to see where it would lead me.

Eight years later StockTradingToGo has seen over three million unique visitors and over eight million pageviews spanning nearly every country on the planet. Pretty wild.

StockTradingToGo traffic since inception

So, when the opportunity to acquire last fall came about, I knew I had to go for it. While the domain didn’t cost $185,000 like we purchased in 2011, it was still a serious investment.

After months planning and preparation, we are ready to make the move to

Jamie Zoch spotted an interesting blurb from the owner on why they made the move:

“StockTradingToGo was a great domain and brand, however it had its weaknesses. First, it is four words which makes it hard to remember. Second, along the same lines as the first, total characters is 16 which is a bit long.
Third and most importantly, our parent company Reink Media Group loves premium brandable domains, already owning,, and Even with the high cost, there was simply no way we could pass up the opportunity to upgrade StockTradingToGo to such a terrific name.

.Bank Reports Over 3K Institutions Applied for .BANK Domain Today

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th, the new gTLD, .BANK, more than 3,000 financial institutions applied for .BANK domain names after the general availability period for the domain names began on June 23.

Since .Bank has qualification requirements which have to be verified it’s not like a normal domain registration where you go to your registrar of choice, register the domain name and seconds later the domain is useable.

In .Bank you have to apply for the domain name and its only granted after the verification checks are completed so domain name are not added to the zone file upon registration/

Last week fTLD Registry Services the registry behind the new gTLD .Bank announced it received over 700 domain name registrations during Sunrise period by trademark holders at a cost of $750+ per registration.

General Availability (GA) for the gTLD .BANK opened today for all eligible members of the banking industry.

If this report is correct then assuming all domain applications met the requirements for a .Bank domain name then the number of .Bank domains should be around 3,700.

At a retail cost of somewhere around $1,000 that is the making of a very successful and profitable new gTLD registry.

Radix Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary Today: Sold $275K In Premium Registration/Renewal Domains

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th,Radix is celebrating its first Anniversary today.

Currently Radix has two live generic extensions – .website and .space & two live vertical extensions and .host

As an Anniversary special, .website and .space are being offered at $1 or lower across many registrars like Go Daddy, Namecheap,, Alpnames etc. until June 25th.

Both .website and .space featured in the Top 10 of CSC Global’s New gTLD Indicator, which is designed to help gauge the relative value of the New gTLDs and see how they compare with .com.

Total Domains under management: (source

Website 74,652
Space 33,542

Interestingly, .Website has 69,361 unique registrants which is close to .Club that has been one of the best performing TLDs across all indicators and has 73,213 unique registrants.

.Website is supported by 107 Registrars and has registrants across 184 countries while .Space is supported by 80 registrars with registrants across 131 countries. (internal data)

Usage: (source

.Website at 62.32 % and .Space at 68.78 %

Some interesting usage examples:

TLD Websites


Premium sales:

.website has made $150k+ and .space $125k+ in annual premium/renewals price domain names

One-time premium sales are currently not disclosed.

Upcoming Extensions:

This has set a good precedent for generic TLDs as Radix gears up for the launch of its two new generic extensions .site and .online, both of which are currently in Sunrise. Radix will be using the EAP model for these extensions.

.SITE 7th May – 6th July 8th July – 14th July 15th July Onwards 8th July – 6th Oct
.TECH 25th May – 24th July 29th July – 4th Aug 5th Aug Onwards 29th July – 27th Oct
.ONLINE  18th June – 17th Aug 19th Aug – 25th Aug 26th Aug Onwards 19th Aug – 16th Nov


This is Why People Hate ICANN: GNSO Resolution for Next round of New gTLD’s

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th,the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) just sent me over this resolution concerning the next round of new gTLD’s which it seemed to just pass.

Read through it a few times.

I have no idea what it says and I’m a lawyer

For me it means nothing, just a lot of noise

Last year we predicted the soonest we would see a 2nd round of new gTLD’s open is in four years, 2018.

I think we are good with our prediction

Here is the resolution

Feel free to tell me what the hell it means:

4. Request for a Preliminary Issue Report on New gTLDs Subsequent Rounds


1. In 2005, this Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) began a policy development process to consider the introduction of new gTLDs, which resulted in the creation of certain policy recommendations for the launch of a new gTLD application process; and,

2. In September 2007, this Council adopted the policy recommendations from the GNSO policy development process and forwarded them to the ICANN Board of Directors; and,

3. The Final Report stated that “ This policy development process has been designed to produce a systemised and ongoing mechanism for applicants to propose new top-level domains.”

4. In June 2008, the ICANN Board adopted the GNSO’s policy recommendations for the introduction of new gTLDs and directed staff to develop an implementation plan for a new gTLD introduction process; and

5. In June 2011, the ICANN Board approved an Application Guidebook (“AGB”) for new gTLDs and authorized the launch of the New gTLD Program; and,

6. In June 2012, the first round application submission period closed; and,

7. In June 2014, this Council created the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Discussion Group (DG) to discuss experiences gained and lessons learned from the 2012 New gTLD round and identify subjects for future issue reports, that may lead to changes or adjustments for subsequent procedures; and,

8. In August 2014, the DG began deliberations, focusing primarily on the identification of issues that members experienced in the 2012 New gTLD round; and,

9. In November 2014, the ICANN Board provided initial input on areas for possible policy work in Annex A related to a resolution on Planning for Future gTLD Application Rounds.

10. The DG developed a matrix which attempts to associate identified issues with a corresponding principle, policy recommendation or implementation guidance from the 2007 Final Report on New Generic Top-Level Domains, or to note that the issue may warrant new policy work. Furthermore, the DG developed a draft PDP WG charter that identifies subjects, divided into provisional groupings, for further analysis in a potential Issue Report and potential PDP; and,

11. The DG recommends that its set of deliverables serve as the basis for analysis in a single Issue Report.

Now therefore, it is resolved:

1. The GNSO Council requests a single Issue Report that will analyze subjects that may lead to changes or adjustments for subsequent New gTLD Procedures. The Preliminary Issue Report should at a minimum consider:

• The subjects that the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Discussion Group identified in its deliverables (i.e., issues matrix and draft charter);

• Global Domains Division Staff input to the deliberations of the DG, and;

• The ICANN Board Resolution Annex A regarding Initial Input on Areas for Possible Policy work.


World Poker Tour Bought For $12.3M in 2009 Sold for $35 Million Cash

THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 25th, sold the The World Poker Tour (WPT) to Ourgame International Holdings Ltd. for $35 million cash.

Ourgame International Holdings Ltd. is a Hong Kong-listed corporation with over 500 million users and has a market cap on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange of around $707 million. acquired the WPT in 2009 for $12.3 million.

“World Poker Tour is unquestionably the global leader in organizing world-class poker events, and we are very proud to acquire one of the world’s greatest brands,” added Ourgame CEO Frank Ng. “WPT, with Ourgame as its new owner, will continue to expand its already impressive global presence, bringing poker and gaming entertainment to cities and homes around the world via television broadcasts, mobile devices, card tables, and more.”

The acquisition is said to be made “on a debt-free, cash-free basis.”

We assume the purchase included the domain names and as well.