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Click Fraud Malware Can Lead To Bigger Problems


TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 30th,Ashley Carman published an article today on that deals with click fraud malware and how it can lead to bigger problems. In her article she referenced a report by that was basically a overview of all potential infections going around the web. The report points out that click fraud malware is usually deemed “low risk” but it can lead to bigger problems.

From the article:
In the report’s RuthlessTreeMafia group example, a victim was infected with click-fraud malware through a phishing email. Once infected with this initial malware — the group used Asprox — the malware’s Command and Control (C&C) server then updated the impacted device with additional malware. One was a rootkit and the other a click-fraud installer.

Eventually, after exploiting the infected machine to make money off click-fraud, the attackers sold it to other cybercriminals who dropped the CryptoWall ransomware on it. The entire attack took two hours to go from an initial click-fraud infection to three more click-fraud infections, plus Cryptowall.

Constrained IT teams often can’t deal with every click-fraud threat, Newman said. However, instead of primarily focusing on preventing devices from infection, teams should monitor machines at all times. This could allow for quick responses, he said.

Domain Movers:, and More Domains


TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 30th,welcome to the latest round of Domain Movers where I detect domain names on the move that have been recently registered or acquired. The majority of these are by large companies and would often go unreported otherwise. These are often very early discoveries and most lead to a new brand, product, service and more.

Here are my latest findings:

Time Inc. has registered the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of over 9,000+ domain names. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Two recent trademarks have also been filed for Hum and an image mark that contains a light bulb with a open end box wrench in the light bulb. The main TM spells out what they will offer pretty clearly (OBD service), but who is “1877 Holdings LLC” is the main question. Start-up? Insurance company? Automaker? Several similar services like,, Carvoyant, CarMD, Torque and Car Doctor are in the same space already as mentioned in this TechCrunch article.

The domain name was using SedoParking at the time of the transaction and I have reached out to John Distler of Momsview LLC to see if he can share any details. I also reached out to on a hunch that they may be rebranding but also didn’t hear back.

Synapse Group, Inc. which is part of Time Inc., registered the domain name is for sale at Afternic for $19,900

Allergan, Inc. registered the domain name at on April 24, 2015 after it had expired and now has transferred to brand protection service MarkMonitor appears to have been sold by Bell Canada with the help of MarkMonitor. The domain name held a $1,000 buy now price at Afternic, which that listing still remains, but the domain has since transferred out of MarkMonitor to eNom and was put under privacy protection with a domain name server change also. The domain has been registered since 2005 when BuyDomains owned it and by at least 2007, Bell Canada has owned it. There was also a for sale lander on the domain.

AbbVie Inc. (Abbott) registered the domain names,,, and Abbott has owned since it was created back on June 15, 2001.

Visa International Service Association registered the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of over 2,300+ domain names.

Unilever Plc registered the domain names |.net |.org adding to its 7,000+ other domain names.

Frito-Lay North America, Inc. registered the domain names and

OMS Investments, Inc. (Scotts Miracle-Gro Company) has acquired the domain name from Country Stone according to whois records. Country Soil is a brand of Infinity Lawn and Garden, Inc. which is/was a competitor of Scott’s. This may indicate that Scott’s acquired the brand or company but I couldn’t find anything during a quick search. is another domain that OMS has obtained from Country Stone. still redirects to

Borderfree Inc. has acquired the domain name from a Andre Schmidt of Bundle Tech Ltd. The domain was registered October 14, 2013. They also acquired the domain name, a domain that was created the same day.

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research LLC has taken ownership of the domain name from a Jason Pell of Publishing Services LLC. The domain had a website on it and was created March 15, 2010. There have also been a lot of “Death Of Money X” with a number after them registered. The site appears to be selling a book.

Jabil Circuit, Inc. has taken ownership of the domain name from a Thomas Casali according to whois records. The domain was created June 14, 2013. The domain name ranks #1 in Google for the matching term. The website states that 3D ProScan is a division of NyproMold Inc. and the registrant email for Mr. Casali had a email address.

Jabil acquired NyPro in 2013 for $655MM but it doesn’t appear that NyproMold Inc. is part of NyPro Inc.? so I reached out to Tom for clarification on the matter but didn’t hear back.

The domain names / .net, /.net, / .net and all have been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. To note, Cartoon Network owns a game called Galaxy Of Heroes that launched in 2011. which owns the domain name has removed the full website from the domain name and has begun redirecting the domain name to with a small header bar stating “  Hotels” and a reservation login page. currently has over 5,000 indexed pages in Google.

Google Inc. registered the domain name . The .org was registered by an individual the day Google announced Youtube Gaming 6/12/2015 and the .info was also registered but on 6/13/2015. Google registered the .us on 6/12/2015 but currently does not own the .com or .net domains which were registered in December 2012 and are a YouTube & Twitch Gaming Forum.

Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. has acquired the domain name, a domain name that was listed for sale using and holds a creation date of January 20, 2005. The seller was a Jason A. Tully of SN USA LLC.

AYGAZ A.S. has acquired the domain name from a Arthur Cain of, adding to its 3,500 other domain names. The domain was registered on April 10, 2013.

The Corporation for Travel Promotion has registered the domain name which was registered prior but recently expired. The company uses the domain name and does not currently own according to whois records.

Microsoft was the registrant of the domain names | .net | .org that I had earlier reported the domain registrations but the registrant was unknown at that time. It is a new game and the website has been launched.

Microsoft also “hid” the domain name registrations of | .net | .org at GoDaddy which were registered on April 21, 2015 by John Moore of “Negotiator Agency”. Microsoft has revealed they own the domains and have launched a website for the game on it. owns the domain name

Thomson Reuters Global Resources (owners of MarkMonitor) has acquired the domain name from, which GoDaddy acquired in the Marchex domain name portfolio buy.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation has acquired the domain name from The domain was registered on January 5, 2010.

Pacific Life Insurance has acquired the domain name from The domain has been registered since April 5, 2007. Pacific Life owns about 300+ domain names. The domain name had a buy now of $1,788. The term relates to a retirement plan. has transferred from to CSC Corporate Domains from a Javernick Designs to a currently unknown CSC client.

DSM IP ASSETS B.V. ( has acquired the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of around 850 domain names. The domain has been registered since February 16, 2009 and was owned by

Home Box Office, Inc. has registered the domain name adding to its 1,900+ other domain names. HBO also appears to be getting ready to launch something on a domain they registered on June 11, 2015.

Showtime Networks Inc. registered the domain name adding to its 1,200+ domain names.

Unilever Plc registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of 7,000+ domains. There are several trademarks on the term “Flurry” and one filed pretty recently on 2/7/2014 by Snowie LLC for Shaved Flavored Ices. There are about 70 trademarks relating to Flurry.

Radio Systems Corporation (PetSafe) has began redirecting the domain name to The domain holds about 115 indexed pages in Google.

Virgin Enterprises Limited which acquired the domain name as I reported back in April 2015 has launched a website on it. The site is for Virgin Money Credit Cards and is promoting a #BigTVThrow that will live stream on July 5th 2015 but appears to focus only on “Britain”.

TldOperator.Help to Host Two Webinars on June 30


TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 30th,there will be two webinars tomorrow that will look to help new gtld applicants and registries to find ways to spread the word on the new gtlds. Registering for the webinars takes place at

Speakers have just been added Ingrid Baele (Head of Operations, Philips) and Ken Nishida (Manager, Internet & Domain Strategies, Hitachi). They are added to a lineup that includes industry participants from Donuts, .berlin, .sucks, .sydney, .club and .monash.

The front page of reads:
Dedicated to the commercial success of all new TLDs

The TLD Operator webinar is here to help TLD applicants learn, share and grow with other TLD applicants across the globe.

A rising tide lifts all boats…so join us and help shape the internet of the future.

We’re all in this together.

The sessions are spread out 10 hours apart.

Session 1:

Tuesday June 30 | 7am Los Angeles | 10am New York | 3pm London | 4pm CET | 6pm Dubai

Session 2:

Tuesday June 30 | 5pm Los Angeles | 8pm New York

Wednesday July 1 | 8am Singapore | 9am Tokyo | 10am Sydney

Visit to register and find more information. Drops To SnapNames & Is Over $20K Only 1 Hour Into The Auction

TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 30th,The domain name just dropped and went to closed auction about an hour ago and already has already topped $20,000.

The domain name expired on April 11, 2015.

The domain was registered under privacy at

The last registered owner of the domain was Merlin Kauffman of True Magic in 2014.

I cannot find a reported sale of the domain name, which if it sold in the aftermarket, I would assume sold in the six figures. has the domain name valued at $158,000

The auction closes on Thursday at 3:15 PM EST according to SnapNames closing rules.

There are 196 bidders

We just opened our poll to see how much you think the domain will sell for.

Barclays has a home at Home.Barclays – Dot Com Redirects but not the

TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from  on June 30th,Barclays has found a home now at Home.Barclays, back in May they said they would be transitioning away from the .com and the They said they would be adding a layer of security for customers and clients by allowing only Barclays and Barclaycard to set up websites ending in .barclays and .barclaycard.

So now Barclays has the .com redirecting to Home.Barclays but not the, that domain still stands alone and does not redirect. The one thing I think all these brands need to do is have continuity. On the hit HBO show Silicon Valley, a few people I know mentioned that they saw, so that told them it was a domain name. I asked my one friend, “What if you just saw ?” He said he would have thought they forgot the .com.

So now back to Barclays, does not propagate, I think at a minimum all brands should at least redirect the www to home or site or whatever they are going to use as the main gateway to their branded extension. The consumer who could care less about new gtlds, at least knows WWW, so I can imagine people typing in must have been lost. Of course the .com redirects for now and it should for as long as there is a Barclays. is conducting two webinars tomorrow, I hope they bring up the point of continuity when it comes to using these new branded tlds.

UDRP Filed To Gain Control of The 15 Year Old Domain Name

TUESDAY,30 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 30th,A UDRP has been filed to gain control of the domain name

The domain, is registered to a Jeff Thomas of North Carolina.

According to the domain was registered in 2000 by Legal Solutions, Inc

In 2003 the domain name ownership changed to, Inc. with Jeff Thomas showing as the contact meaning that Mr. Thomas appears to have controlled the domain since at least 2003.

The Television Show Shark Tank first premiered on ABC in 2009.

The domain name currently does not resolve and has been lightly used according to over the years but never parked.

The Complainant is not listed but we have to assume its ABC and/or the producers of the show that filed the UDRP.

Shark Tank is produced by Mark Burnett who is the producer for many reality TV shows including the Apprentice, Survivor and The Voice to name a few .

It should be a clear winner for Mr. Thomas assuming he defends himself and asks for a three member panel.

According to the domain name has a worldwide rank of 1.7 million in traffic.

We will keep our eye on this one and let you know how it turns out.

ICANN March 2016 Meeting To Be In Morocco, October 2016 In Puerto Rico

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,the ICANN Board selected locations to hold its meetings for March 2016 and October 2016 before heading out of the ICANN Buenos Airs meeting.

The March 2016 ICANN meeting (ICANN 55) with be held in Marrakech, Morocco which had already been selected for the site for the March 2016 ICANN Meeting after ICANN relocated the meeting scheduled for March 2014 to Singapore during the outbreak of Ebola.

The Marrakech meeting will be held March 5-10 2016

ICANN announced it was going to hold its October 2016 meeting (ICANN 57) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The meeting will be held October 29 – November 4th, 2016

Puerto Rico should be a popular spot for ICANN folks to mix a mini vacation along with a meeting.

ICANN has not selected a location for its summer 2016 meeting (ICANN 56) which will be held in June and which is slated for Latin America.

ICANN Best Estimate For New gTLD Renewal Rate 50%; 25% For Free Domains: 35% Worst Case

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,in releasing its 2016 operating budget ICANN made some estimate for the purposes of budgeting revenue from new gTLD’s.

ICANN is saying its “Best” estimate is that the average renewal rate will be 50% for new gTLD’s except for TLD’s that provided free registrations where the renewal rate was estimated at 25%.

On The Low estimate the ICANN seems to be indicating a new gTLD renewal rate of 35% but does not break out the free registrations from paid registrations so that number should have contained a Low estimate of renewals of free domains which arguable should be 10%. Went Public Today & is Up Over 20%

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th, went public today in a IPO at $14 a share which gives the company a market valuation of about $627.9 million.

However shares are currently trading at almost $17 a share over 20% higher than the IPO price.

The ticker symbol is “ALRM”.

The company reported more than 2.3 million subscribers.

The company reported a net profit of $13.5 million last year, compared with $4.5 million in 2013 and $8.9 million in 2012, while revenue surged to $167.3 million in 2014, from $130.2 the year before and $96.5 million in 2012.

The company Holdings Inc. was founded in 2000 as a unit of MicroStrategy Inc.

The domain name according to has been owned by MicroStrategy Incorporated since 2000.

While a domain in of itself does not a public company, its hard to argue that this company would not have had the success it had without the category killer domain.

FTC Rules Network Solutions Misled Consumers on 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

MONDAY,29 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from on June 29th,Network Solutions got slapped by the FTC for not providing clear terms with their 30 day money back guarantee. Network Solutions did not make it clear that they hold up to 30% of the refund. There was no fine by the FTC but there will be penalties should they violate the terms set forth by the FTC.

From the FTC website:

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final consent order involving Network Solutions, LLC, which misled consumers who bought its web hosting services by falsely promising a full refund if they canceled within 30 days.

In an administrative complaint issued in April 2015, the FTC alleged that Network Solutions, a domain name registrar and web hosting provider, offered web hosting packages with a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee,” but did not adequately disclose that it withheld up to 30 percent of the refund from customers who cancelled within 30 days of buying an annual or multi-year package and registering an included domain name.

The consent order prohibits Network Solutions from failing to clearly disclose, before obtaining a customer’s billing information, the material terms of any money-back guarantee, or failing to refund the full purchase price in response to a request that complies with the terms of a guarantee. The order also bars the company from misrepresenting material terms of any refund or cancellation policy or money-back guarantee, or any other material fact about web hosting, and it requires Network Solutions to keep records demonstrating compliance with the order for five years.

The Commission vote approving the final order was 5-0.

NOTE: When the Commission issues a consent order on a final basis, it carries the force of law with respect to future actions. Each violation of such an order may result in a civil penalty of up to $16,000.