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Sedo Weekly Sales Total $1.2 million led by $200,000


According to the news from 1(1)on April 29th,over the past week, 569 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.2m. 53% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. 

Highlights of public sales are:

  • Top .com: at 200,000 USD
  • Top ccTLD: at 6,500 USD
  • Top “other” TLD: at 14,300 USD

4 new gtld sales made the sales report, Entrepreneur.Business was the top sale at $2,500. Dot Am took the top two spots for cctlds, .CH (Switzerland) had a nice showing as well.

Domain name Price Currency
.COMs 200,000 USD 50,000 USD 23,000 EUR 20,000 USD 15,000 EUR 15,000 USD 12,000 EUR 9,500 USD 9,250 EUR 8,000 USD 6,800 USD 6,000 EUR 5,500 USD 5,000 EUR 5,000 USD 4,600 USD 4,500 EUR 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 3,999 USD 3,950 USD 3,900 EUR 3,800 USD 3,800 USD 3,599 GBP 3,500 USD 3,500 USD 3,300 EUR 3,244 USD 3,000 USD 3,000 USD 3,000 USD 3,000 USD 3,000 USD 2,999 USD 2,995 USD 2,809 USD 2,800 USD 2,744 USD 2,619 USD 2,567 EUR 2,500 USD 2,500 USD 2,500 USD 2,369 USD 2,300 GBP 2,295 USD 2,200 USD 2,195 USD 2,195 USD 2,150 USD 2,100 USD 2,095 USD 2,000 EUR 2,000 USD 2,000 EUR 2,000 USD 2,000 USD 2,000 USD 1,999 USD 1,999 USD 1,900 EUR 1,900 EUR 1,895 USD 1,800 USD 1,800 USD 1,800 GBP 1,795 USD 1,788 USD 1,744 USD 1,660 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,400 USD 1,395 USD 1,319 USD 1,305 USD 1,264 USD 1,250 USD 1,250 USD 1,200 USD 1,200 USD 1,200 EUR 1,200 USD 1,100 USD 1,099 USD 1,099 USD 1,050 USD 1,000 EUR 1,000 USD 1,000 EUR 1,000 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 EUR 1,000 USD 999 USD 999 USD 999 USD 998 GBP 980 USD 977 USD 977 USD 900 EUR 900 USD 895 USD 895 USD 888 USD 888 USD 877 USD 875 USD 845 USD 800 USD 800 USD 800 USD 800 USD 799 USD 799 USD 799 USD 799 USD 777 USD 777 USD 750 USD 750 USD 750 USD 740 EUR 700 EUR 700 EUR 700 EUR 700 USD
ccTLDs 6,500 USD 5,500 EUR 5,000 EUR 5,000 EUR 4,650 USD 4,500 EUR 4,000 USD 3,500 EUR 3,500 EUR 3,300 USD 3,200 EUR 2,799 USD 2,650 EUR 2,050 EUR 2,000 GBP 2,000 USD 1,750 USD 1,500 EUR 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 EUR 1,500 GBP 1,500 EUR 1,500 USD 1,300 EUR 1,209 USD 1,200 EUR 1,190 EUR 1,175 GBP 1,131 EUR 1,052 EUR 1,050 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 EUR 1,000 USD 999 EUR 990 EUR 990 EUR 990 EUR 900 EUR 899 EUR 895 GBP 895 USD 870 EUR 825 USD 799 USD 750 EUR 750 USD 750 USD 700 EUR
OTHER 14,300 USD 6,500 USD 4,800 USD 3,999 EUR 2,500 USD 1,999 EUR 1,999 USD 1,995 USD 1,988 USD 1,900 EUR 1,500 EUR 1,450 USD 1,200 USD 1,000 EUR 999 USD 999 EUR 990 USD 980 USD 980 USD 980 USD 900 USD 899 GBP 895 EUR 850 USD 750 EUR 700 EUR

What is and why did it buy


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,publicly traded freelance marketplace owns a number of businesses, including a website and domain name marketplace.

FreelancerYesterday (United States time), announced that it acquired for US $7.5 million. is a publicly traded company in Australia with a market cap of about $450 million, but many people probably aren’t familiar with it.

The company is similar to oDesk/eLance, where people post jobs they need done and freelancers bid to complete the work. owns a number of freelance communities and is working to consolidate the community. In fact, last year it acquired the popular internet marketing forum Warrior Forum. Last year it also acquired:
•SydStart – an Austraian startup conference and community
• – freelance marketplace in Poland
•Fantero – virtual content marketplace

The company also owns, a site for buying and selling websites and domain names. obviously fits it nicely here, and’s customer list could be used for co-marketing and boosting this site’s presence among domain name investors.

A number of freelance sites use escrow systems for handling payments, so it’s possible could be integrated. boasts 15 million registered users. It says $2.7 billion worth of projects have been posted on all of its marketplaces since 2001. (One of its sites was GetAFreelancer, which acquired the domain name in 2009.)

The company takes just a small sliver of each project, so its topline revenue number isn’t that high. It takes 0-3% from the person who posts the project and 0-10% from the freelancer. It also charges membership fees.

All of this added up to AUD $26.1M in the last financial year on AUD $103.7M in transactions, and a slight loss for the company. has been an customer. It used the service for the Warrior Forum transaction.

A look at’s revenue growth


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,Company’s topline is up over 50% in past five years.

Australian company has acquired for US $7.5M. This is 6.25x’s 2014 EBITDA.

The transaction reveals, for the first time,’s growth in recent years. The company’s 2014 revenue was nearly 55% higher than 2010, representing a 9.1% CAGR since then.

2010: $3.269 million
2011: $4.125 million
2012: $4.646 million
2013: $4.798 million
2014: $5.048 million

Keep in mind this only represents’s small take on each transaction. Last year it handled $265 million in transactions, so its revenue was just under 2% of this. EBITA last year was $1.2 million, showing the cost of providing escrow services. I understand that the company spends a significant amount of money on compliance and licensing.

81% of’s business includes at least one party from the United States, and 41% of transactions involve two parties in the U.S. will remain a separate company based in California.

Responding to Domain Name Offers with Bill Sweetman – DNW Podcast #30


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,Name Ninja Bill Sweetman talks about his role as a domain buyer broker, and how domain name owners should respond to offers to buy their domain names.

Domain Name Wire podcastDomain name consultant Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja helps companies find and buy the right domain name for their business. In this episode, he discusses how he helps companies and provides tips for domain name owners about how to respond to an inquiry to purchase one of their domain names.

Also: Analyzing GoDaddy’s $28.1 million purchase of Marchex’s domain name portfolio,’s use of new top level domain names and Minds + Machines by the numbers.

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New TLDs this week: .Video, .Fit and .Sale


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,Minds + Machines and Rightside introduce new domain names this week.

A few domain names hit general availability or Early Access this Wednesday.

Minds + Machines will launch .Fit with retail pricing of about $25 or so. .Fit is one of the company’s wholly owned domain names, and is the last domain name the group has scheduled to launch until Q3.

Rightside starts the Early Access phase for two domain names on Wednesday: .Video and .Sale. If you can wait one week until general availability you’ll pay about $15-$25 for .video domains and $20-$30 for .sale domains.

Both of Rightside’s domains will face some competition. .Video looks strong and will eventually compete with .tube to some degree. (You might also argue that .watch is a competitor.) .Sale goes up against a number of commerce terms including .discount and .cheap (currently 4,000 registrations each).

Domain Movers:,, and More


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,welcome to Domain Movers where I detect domain names on the move that have been recently acquired, registered or are simply moving, mainly all by large corporations.

These domain movers are often very early finds and often lead to new brands, services, products and more. Here we go with the latest domain movers, which is STACKED with great domain names! has been sold by FUTURE MEDIA ARCHITECTS, INC. to a Carl Ng / Stripes39 according to whois records. Carl owns several other great domain names like,, and to mention a few. I would estimate this domain sale to be at least mid six figures and up!

The Coca-Cola Company has registered the domain name to add to its 6,600+ domain portfolio.

HUBSPOT INC. has acquired the domain name from BuyDomains. The domain had a $2,388 listing price. Hubspot has already launched a landing page on the domain showing “Mettings Unsucked” with the name “Prime” in the header. You can also sign up for the beta program. a domain name that I reported being sold on January 7, 2015 to an unknown company appears to be getting ready to a launch a website on the domain name. Amazon hosting name servers have been set on the domain but the website doesn’t resolve yet at time of posting other than showing “Hello”. The domain is under whois privacy at Safenames LTD.

Whirlpool Properties, Inc. (Whirlpool) has sold the domain name via Sedo. They had the domain listed and parked with Sedo. The domain sold for $900. did the domain upgrade. The domain name has since transferred out of CSC Corporate Domains to Mesh Digital Limited.

Whirlpool has over 100+ domain names listed for sale at Sedo and I would say is the most valuable one listed.

Between Maytag and Whirlpool, they own many premium generic domain names like,, and to mention a few. has transferred ownership from Microsoft Corporation to Facebook Inc. Facebook acquired Atlas Solutions from Microsoft in February 2013 and it provides services in online advertising. They do not own the domain, which is owned by

Microsoft has secured the domain name from according to whois records.

Google Inc. has revealed they own the domain name, which they likely acquired on or about November 10, 2014 when the domain went into privacy protection at Dynadot. The domain has since transferred to MarkMonitor and revealed Google as the owners.

Google has yet to secure the domain name according to whois records which is owned by Weihai Shinyi Trade Co.,Ltd. Google announced in November 2014 the paid subscription for YouTube under the Music Key name.

Merck Sharp and Dohme Corp has acquired the domain name The domain has been under whois privacy since October 16, 2011 but prior to that Gregg Ostrick of GNO, Inc. had owned the domain. The domain has been under privacy protection at GoDaddy since that time and resolved to a default GoDaddy page and has now transferred to MarkMonitor. The domain will likely resolve soon as they have set domain name servers to several hosting providers.

Fox Inc. has acquired the domain name . Based on whois history on the domain, it was a “premium” domain and held by the registry prior. Fox does not own, as that domain is parked and owned by a Richard Merit according to whois records. has acquired the domain name The domain name was parked using SmartName and according to whois records the domain likely sold on February 4, 2015. The domain was registered at and has since transferred to GoDaddy.

Altria Client Services Inc. (Philip Morris) has obtained the domain names,, and from Lakeport Distributors, Inc. This was a result of trademark issues as stated by the past owners of the domains:

“Name change…When we originally did our Trademark search, we were unaware someone at “Big Tobacco” had secured the name, but was not using it. We were told to “disappear”. We’re allowed to “sell through out current Jazz stock”. Our mistake for not digging deep enough. There you have it.” They have since changed brand / domains to Atomic Dog Vapor. has acquired the domain name from Vertical Axis. The domain was registered April 26, 2001 and has transferred to GoDaddy. is now showing in whois records as owned by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The domain name had been registered at eNom under whois privacy and redirecting to in the past. The domain name is now redirecting to (Goodyear Dunlop Handelssysteme) so the domain name was likely acquired. has been sold by Telepathy Inc. and the domain has went under whois privacy at GoDaddy. The domain is resolving with the terms “Booking is just the beginning…”. The source code shows, which also shows “Skylark” in the heading. is the same site that is on is owned by Ovation Travel Group which is an independently owned travel management company., Inc. has registered the domain names and is a private social network for your neighborhood. On February 9, 2011 according to whois records is when was acquired by, Inc.

Bayer AG has registered the domain name

Lilly Korea Ltd / Eli Lilly and Company has registered the domain name They use as there main domain name.

Varner Retail has acquired the domain name The company is currently using  as its main domain name. The domain had several movements according to whois records, so the specific date of the purchase is not known. The domain was registered at Moniker under privacy but moved to Uniregistry in September 2014 under privacy. On November 21, 2014 the domain moved to eNom under privacy. 1/1/2015 DNS changed away from to general eNom DNS. So any one of those movements could indicate a sale based on whois records, so if I had to pick a sale date I would go with the November 21, 2014 date. The domain has since transferred to CSC Corporate Domains.

Microsoft who I had mentioned obtained the domain name… have launched a website and is stating “How Old Do I Look” and offering a demo for you to upload a photo and they will guess your age. Not sure what is up with the site, beyond that they are displaying some technology.

Abbott Laboratories has registered the domain name Abbott offers a nutrition bar by ZonePerfect under the Perfectly Simple name. They do not own the domain and use to offer the nutrition bars. which was acquired by Lexyl Travel Technologies on July 8, 2013 (the domain was listed with Sedo for $300K but I wasn’t able to find what the domain actually sold for) according to whois records has changed hosting on the domain name. is a wholly owned entity of which is owned by Computer Associates International ( changed hosting providers on the domain and continues to redirect it to its main website and a specific page for “rewrite”., which was sold by Hasbro April 4, 2014 to the owners of Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. for a reported $3.6 Million has finally changed domain name servers to as of April 21, 2015. There was likely an agreement in place that the domain would continue to resolve for Hasbro. The domain name currently does not resolve, nor is it currently listed for sale on, so the future of the domain is currently unknown.

Amazon Technologies has registered the domain name and transferred in and to MarkMonitor which were both registered at GoDaddy under privacy protection.

Uber Technologies, Inc. has registered the domain name as well as

Novartis AG has registered the domain name which is owned by SOJCOM, LLC and the domain had been redirecting to (likely using the affiliate program) has now switched to domain name parking using Rook Media AG DomainSponsor.

Interesting to note: The main domain name used for domain name servers for DomainSponsor, is listed for sale at Afternic with a buy it now price of $2,375 and was listed August 28, 2014. Not sure what’s up with that.

Shutterstock Inc owners of Bigstock / Bigstock photo registered a slew of “Bigstock” domain names with Bigstock+Keyword and all .com/.net registrations. They keywords vary but include terms like 4K, affiliate, aftereffect, api, art, background, bundles, coupon, community, logos, icons, music etc. They registered hundreds of domains!

Unknown MarkMonitor client is making a big play on an odd spelling terms Navee or Navie or Nivie or Nievy or Nivee or Nivy or Navee. A lot of domains including the word Tech have been registered, like and and terms like They registered the matching domains for each term! The only other connection that I see is HCP in some domains like and A lot of domain registrations to cover a “sounds like” term. They even registered many Tek domains like, etc. Why go with such a confusing spelling from the start is my question! They are smart to cover bases of misspellings but….  has transferred ownership according to whois records from American Consolidated Media to Gatehouse Media. AMC was acquired by Gatehouse Media in early 2014. has changed registrant details from Aljazeera Network to the generic DNStination Inc. at MarkMonitor. The domain transferred into MarkMonitor from Network Solutions along with In 2013 Al Jazeera Media Network acquired Current TV for about $500 Million but none of “current” owned domains are with MarkMonitor. is redirecting to which is using the same name servers as and is registered at Network Solutions. transferred to MarkMonitor on 1/21/2015, transferred to MarkMonitor on 2/20/2015 so this may simply be related to a consolidation.

Tucows has sold the domain name to a John Rampton according to whois records. The domain has been registered since June 15, 1996. The domain has transferred from Tucows to GoDaddy. Tucows had the domain listed for sale using is redirecting to

John had recently purchased on Flippa for $130,000.

John has also acquired the domain name on April 24, 2014 from Claranet Benelux B.V.

Even at Grassroots Level Trademark Disputes Can Get Ugly


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,trademark disputes and bad blood just don’t happen on the big corporate stage. It happens at the grassroots level where people tend to romanticize that everything is done on a purer footing.

Mike stumbled across an article in the LA Times, the story is about a lady who tried to help others and later one of the first people she helped took the trademark of the mentor while she was recovering from illness.

From the article:
Mama, a charismatic woman with colorful Mexican dresses and braided hair, became an anchor in the neighborhood, and her cafe was ground zero for activists, academics, politicians and police who were pushing to improve the area.

Today, Romero lives just blocks away, but won’t go near the little restaurant with the blue awning. She hardly looks in that direction, just across the street from the park. She’s also careful to never use the Mama’s Hot Tamales name — on her Facebook, email or business card.

If she does, she says, Rocio Ramirez, one of the many women she mentored over the years, could hit her with a lawsuit.

“It was abandoned for so long that anyone — you, me, a neighbor, another business — could have taken it,” she said.

The story of the two women began when Romero came to MacArthur Park from Pasadena in 1998.

She and her business partner, Joe Colletti, launched the Institute for Urban Research and Development to help impoverished areas.

In 2011, a decade after launching Mama’s, Romero was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She wanted to spend more time with her family, so reluctantly, she decided to close the program.

She and Colletti transferred the lease of the cafe space to her top student: Ramirez.

They made one request: Please operate under a different name. Ramirez chose Mama’s International Tamales.

“At the time, we weren’t sure what the future held,” Romero said.

She had no plans to return to the cafe, but the Mama’s Hot Tamales name had wide recognition and she and Colletti wanted to reserve it for potential use in other projects. That included selling products in grocery stories.

During her recovery, Romero said, she had little contact with Ramirez other than stopping by the restaurant one day to remove all of her framed awards and recognitions. She also removed a giant mural featuring the Mama’s logo.

Then, last fall, she received a cease-and-desist letter from an attorney representing Ramirez. Another letter came in December. The notices demanded that Romero stay away from the name Mama’s Hot Tamales. Sells on For $200,000


According to the news from 1(1)on April 28th,the three letter .com market has been on fire this year and today the domain name sold for $200,000 on Sedo.

The domain name has been under privacy at Moniker since at least 2006.

The last listed owner before the domain went under privacy was Kim Site-Development Enterprises of Beverly Hills, CA in 2006.

The domain name is still under escrow at Sedo.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say the buyer is the maker of popular Vapor devises which have the brand name of PAX

Pax’s website is currently at

As a big player in a fast growing business $200K for would have been a very good purchase for them.

How the blockchain could change the domain business


According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 27th,Mike Ward wrote a very interesting piece on Coin Telegraph with regards to the Blockchain and domain names. Ward takes a look at how the DNS can run on a decentralized platform, he talks about the flexibility this would provide and how it would create greater freedom, reduce costs and provide less exposure to risk.

I thought the most interesting part of his article was talking about how some see domains as becoming obsolete. He points out, “Despite the claims from many that a perfect storm of factors is making domain names obsolete, the indicators suggest otherwise. The naysayers cite the prominence of mobile apps, and the convenience of things like Facebook pages, Etsy stores and more. But after basically stagnating since the late 1990s, the Domain Name System is about to undergo big changes. Stick around, DNS is not done.”

From the article:

The current system is hierarchical in nature, both technically and politically. Technically, this system’s root servers (think central database) represent a high-value attack vector, and a single point of failure that could by itself take down large chunks of the Internet with a single incident, as threatened by Anonymous in 2012.

Politically, the decision-making power is concentrated within the governing body making the rules of operation and letting the contracts. This represents a source of significant risk in terms of potential for corruption, and is susceptible to coercion by those entities with great power.

The term “blockchain” refers to the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin, a distributed data store that achieves a state of consensus. Every node on the network will agree about the historical facts, with minimal reliance on trusting central authorities.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is used every time you interact with resources on the Internet. This system allows us to turn easy-to-remember names such as “” into useful IP addresses such as “”. Your computer needs the latter, but you can more easily remember the former. DNS provides this mapping function between names and addresses, much as a phone directory lets us look up a person’s phone number, given their name.

Activist Buys Up Domain Names of Politicians who voted for Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law reported that an activist Konrad Juengling bought up domains related to politicians who voted for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, the law caught a lot of heat during the NCAA Tournament as the final four was held in Indianapolis. Lawmakers in Indiana scrambled to amend the bill which many saw as a right to discriminate against gay people.

Mr. Juengling has said he purchased these domains to help educate these politicians and that if they pass a non-discrimination bill, he will give them control of the domain names.

From the article:


According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 27th,a tech-savvy rights activist has bought up domains related to politicians in Indiana who voted through the state’s anti-gay law.

Indiana was strongly criticised last month for passing the controversial ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’, which gives businesses the right to discriminate against gay people on the grounds of religion.

In retaliation, this week activist Konrad Juengling bought out the domains for a number of the Republican politicians responsible – such as – and redirected them to a report on the struggles of young LGBT people from the Human Rights Campaign.

In an open letter to the politicians – Republicans Martin Carbaugh, Dale Devon, Douglas Gutwein, Kathy Kreag Richardson, Don Lehe, and Donna Schaibley – Mr Juengling offered to give them control of the web domains if they pass a non-discrimination law.

He wrote: “I recently purchased the domains for each of your names.